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The highest quality shoes at the lowest possible price, because we ignore almost everything else.



Northampton is home to some of the best shoemakers in the world.  Access to such craftsmanship has traditionally been very expensive - most brands charge extremely high prices to cover the cost of smart shops, vast product ranges and big marketing budgets. 

We take a different approach.  Our idea is to produce the best-selling shoe, in the most popular sizes for the lowest possible price. 

We make the black Oxford because it’s the shoe every man needs for work or formal occasions. We make it in sizes 8, 9, 10 and 11 because that covers most people.

  • black oxford shoe, handmade in northampton england
  • black oxford shoe, handmade in northampton england
  • black oxford shoe, handmade in northampton england
  • black oxford shoe, handmade in northampton england

As a one product company, we are best defined by what we don't do . . .


    The black Oxford is the most popular men’s shoe. We won’t be adding red suede loafers or green patent ankle boots to our range.


    We produce only the most popular men’s sizes, to avoid having to subsidise the less common ones.


    The Oxford was invented in the 18th century and hasn’t changed since. We don’t employ a team of designers to come up with a “cool” new twist. 


    Mahogany shelves, attentive staff and London's West End rents are all needed to justify the high price of the incumbents. We'll just ship direct with free delivery, free returns and no quibbles. 


    Glossy magazines, tv adverts and chasing people around the internet with banner ads is expensive and all adds to the product cost. We’ll spend our energy on creating the best product and service and hope our customers become advocates. 


    We work to provide the best possible shoe for the lowest possible price. As such, we will never be able to discount.  You can buy safe in the knowledge our shoes will never be available cheaper in seasonal sales or with discount codes. 


    We work hard to reduce cost and simplify everything, but we won’t compromise on the quality of the product.  Our shoes are handmade from start to finish by craftsmen in Northampton, using the finest European calf leather and materials we could find.